"THE PASSION" is Waclaw Zimpel's initiative and composer's work. Intrigued by passion performances and their musical style he decided to confront with their form and essence, existing from time immemorial in European high and peasant culture. Not all melodic themes were created by Zimpel (He admits in liner notes that some of the melodic themes were adopted or travestied from modern composers), but all arrangements and transcriptions are realized by him.

UNDIVIDED is an attempt to express human awareness through music. Extremely original arrangement of the sound fabric characterizing Zimpel’s compositions and improvisations, is a result of a relentless search for inspiration in the folk music of different cultures as well as in the Western classical music.
"THE PASSION" is the fourth record of Wacław Zimpel and – at the same time – the first record of his new project called UNDIVIDED. This time, the clarinettist is accompanied by an unusually strong rhythm section by Klaus Kugel – one of the greatest musicians of the European avant-garde (who has played with such artists as Bobo Stenson, Petras Vysniauskas or Tomasz Stanko) and Mark Tokar – a remarkable Ukrainian bassist (who has recorded with such musicians as Ken Vandermark and Steve Swell). To record this unusual music, the UNDIVIDED trio invited a world legendary jazz star – Bobby Few, the heir of such pianists as Thelonious Monk or Bud Powell. This American musician has already gone down in the history of modern jazz, recording unforgettable records as early as in the 60s and 70s with such great musicians as Albert Ayler, Steve Lacy, Archie Shepp, Frank Wright.
“The Passion” is a truly fresh attempt at turning to the musical tradition of writing passion that reaches the Middle Ages.
Consequently, it is a collage made of overcomposed motifs borrowed from modern vocal and instrumental music, and motifs composed by the group leader himself.
“The Passion” UNDIVIDED – the music that invites to reflection on the theme of pain and brings hope at the same time.